Player Registrations For 2018




* We are currently accepting sign ups for the 2018 season:

T Ball: Age 4 thru 6
Coach Pitch: Age 6 & 7
Boys & Girls Minors: Age 8 thru 11
Girls Majors Divison:  9 thru 12
Boys Majors Division:  10 thru 12
Boys Junior/Seniors: Ages 13 thru 15
Girls Junior/Seniors: Ages 13 thru 15

* To be eligible players must turn Age 4 prior to August 31, 2018.

* The Baseball & Softball season runs April through June.

* First time players should provide a copy of their birth certificate.

* Anyone who lives in Mt Top or it's surrounding communities, or attends
school in Mt Top is eligible to play in Mt Top Area Little League.

* 2018 Player Registration Form: Click to Open Form

* Fee's are as follows:
Ages 4 thru 7 years of age.   $47
Ages 8 thru 12 years of age.  $62
Girls Ages 13 and up.  $75
Boys Ages 13 & Up.  $75

Besides the registration fee, every player is required to participate in the League Candy Sale Fundraiser.  Pay $35 for candy buyout and don't sell the candy, or
pay $60 and sell the candy bars. By selling the candy you get your
complete $60 back once you sell the bars.
Note: There are a limited number boxes of candy available and they will be distributed
on a 1st come basis. Once we are out, the buyout will be required.

* Players in younger divisions are assigned to teams based on geographical areas in which they live. Major division teams are selected by a draft system.
Everyone plays; however there is a tryout for players age 10 and older (not already on a major team) to determine which division &
team they will play on.

* Registration Dates Remaining:

Tuesday, February 13th: 5:30 PM until 7:30 PM
Tuesday, February 20th: 5:30 PM until 8:00 PM (Final)

*  All registrations are at the Crestwood High School Cafeteria

Please note: Anyone signing up after the final registration date will be required
to pay a $20 late fee.

* Register by mail, or questions: Call 570-823-7949

* 2018 Registration Form:
Click to Open Form